Happy list

spending LESS money than we saved shopping for cmas-
stinkin incredible you are, old navy.
Finding this blog, I heart it.
Anthropologie’s fresh cuts. I put about oh $800 worth of product in my shopping cart- let’s just say once-a-week, pretend that I’m going to buy it, and it satisfies some weird, sad-ish Anthropologie craving. I think my favorites are this and this.
Counting the HOURS before Christmas is here! Family, singing, friends, cookies, gift giving, more cookies, and so much love!
Getting all the wrapping DONE! Yet while loving wrapping so much all at the same time!
The amount of sweets, carbs and overall crazy food we’ve been eating makes me go ooo in whoa bessie way, heh. The russian tea cookies are calling to me from the other room. Hush, russian tea cookies (…there’s two mocking me on my desk). I can’t wait to detox come January one. This one is my favorite so far!
Costco. The week before Christmas.
Making a beach towel into a tree skirt because I finally admitted the fact that I won’t be buying one before Christmas. It’s cute, no? Okay, it’s functional, people!
This “year in review” from over here– I so want to learn how to do this to include in next year’s christmas cards!
A perfectly wonderful night talking with hubby about the future, life and giggling a lot. Sweet moments like that just make a long (LONG.) day so much easier.

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