For my mama


that’s my mom on the left, circa when she was about five years old 🙂
Happy Birthday to my lovely mama, Bette. 
Oh motha, you inspire me. I just want to say thank you to you…
For always laughing at my jokes (always).
For answering my phone calls (ALL of them no matter what time), teaching me the importance of integrity, pursuing education, and being brave.
For taking me along with your on your love for adventures, traveling the world, good cheese and art.
For giving me a chance to discover all the things I love in life, and for always encouraging people to follow what they love and what makes them happy.
For being so generous to me with your love, time, encouragement and thoughts.
You are an incredibly strong, smart, thoughtful, giving, creative, artistic woman.
You are an inspiration to me, and an incredible mother and friend.
We love you soo much and can’t wait to celebrate you this eve!

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