Things that make you go oooh

hallways with rugs and pendant lamps, and a straight line of same-sized frames make me go “ooo” (house projects on the mind much)
that we finally. finally. FINALLY. got our photo Christmas cards in (don’t worry, you’ll get one too!)
the fact that my mama’s birthday is next tuesday AND i found THESE Christmas themed peeps. oh my gawsh. she will flip. it will be a proverbial flip.
our youth group holiday par-tay is tonight! can’t wait to see all those cutie-ooties in their ugly. ugly. like gurrl, that be UGLY. sweaters.
we get to finish-up our christmas shopping extravaganzaa on Saturday, woohoo!! I wish we could budget to buy people presents like this every month!
my unusual guacamole craving on tuesday, and interestingly enough a corn chips & queso craving on thursday. we even pulled up a google images page of corn chips & queso at work. see?? holidays, you give me issues, i tell you, massive junk food issue.
that eggnog is still, fully a regular food group right now. and that somebody decided to make these because of it.
that we get to have queso and corn chips on sunday- girls night with the youth!! BE THERE.
happy weekend!! xoxo

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