Was soo sleepless last night, I think the official amount of sleep slept was three hours (1am-4am…bleh!). I wasn’t anxious or worried, but a lot came on my mind while I was laying there (and before I finally picked up a game of Sudoku..). We had some deep chats that night over making sugar cookies for James’ staff Christmas party, and as we frosted and sprinkled, we talked about all the things that have happened in our hearts since being married- how much we’ve been secured in each other (the good kind), how much we’ve morphed into a family—our family—and how two seriously become one, what we want in the future, what kind of home we want to have, such GOOD things.

Lying there, I thought about our first Christmastime as a family and how it has been wonderfully rich in friendship and family, chocked-full of memories and fun, with so much to be thankful for. At the same time, we’ve been running on low in a lot of ways and I think my faith has run a little low..and I easily forget all the things that are soo good. Hubby reminded me of this verse last night:

I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread (Psalm 37:25).

I forget that.

I forget I have a beautiful inheritance that’s so much more than what we can earn for ourselves.

I forget that when I look around, I have enumerable things to be thankful for! I think it’s a wonderful trick that Thanksgiving comes right before Christmas…reminding me to be grateful in this season. And another Thanksgiving is what I had last night in that sleepless thought party, 1am, in our lil room (minus the food coma)…just overwhelmed with thankfulness for the the many things we have. Our apt, our family/friends, a loving and kind God, our health, and jobs(!).

Soo yes, family & friends, you may have a more simple Christmas something from our fam this year, but just know it’s going to be so stinkin full of love and gratefulness that it could blow your socks off. Super off.

With a whole lotta love…

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