First christmas pt two

Our first ornament together!
Christmas angel a la grandma!
Here she is! Big Bertha le tree. She is, above all, large, but so good at making our living room feel so full of Christmasy joy and happiness (yes, all of that wrapped up into a tree! Who knew..). Apparently, we chose the most dramatic tree stands we could possibly choose because we already picked out TWO duds. complete and utter dud-y-ness. Like the duddyness that makes you want to make angry faces to everyone you see at Home Depot and act super angry-business-person-like and tell people you’re fed up and you need somebody to figure something out or else…or else something really bad could happen…but then you see it’s your sweet lil friend from elementary school and you just want to be nice, really nice. So nice in fact, that you’ve suddenly purchased another tree stand, and it wasn’t even on discount, and then it hardly works, but hubby is smart and a finagler, and finagles it like nobody’s business, and it works. But it’s up, and we love it. Christmas- you are worth it all.

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