A Christmas cold

I was the multi-dimensional wifey last night, taking care of this bugaboo…And if you’re wondering if there’s a beach towel draped over James, wonder no longer, he was watching Bruce Lee movies with a bowl of salsa (his “sick” request..I know, I know)- it was a recipe for total spillage-mess. On top of his sinus infection, our Christmas tree attacked him earlier in the day, spilling water all over the living room, and when he got up he hit his head on the big storage container of glass bulb ornaments and they spilled everywhere (glass…). Needless to say he needed some love.
…And the multi-dimensional part? Also hosting our very first Swiss mission team meeting (remember this?)! I love you already team. And look, I even had treats…happy treats…a little too happy, perhaps?…cheeky gingerbread men. Don’t worry, I washed them down with egg nog (which I had no idea was such a controversial drink!).

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