Gorgeous skies

My favorites from the last oh so lovely week of thankfulness:
to have four full and lovely days without any chatter of that nine-to-five thing I do, what’s that called again…
thanksgiving dinner, sigh…my assignment went scrumptiously (points with the fam? maybe hmm?) and the rest of the food, well, it basically blew my mind. I could eat that every day. Except for the whole food coma thing after.
seeing THE MUPPETS. it was so amazing, people! singing, dancing, maniacal laughing. the whole shabang.
Best Buy. 12am. Friday. We did. Xbox Christmas complete. Husband is happy. Never again.
James learning about Hanging with Friends. Now we play word games with each other and give funky looks across the couch when we lose.
Sauntering around stores like William Sonoma and Pottery Barn and dreaming about what we want to do with our little a-p-t. T’was just absolutely lovely.
Our advent calendar from Aunt Ella. Chocolates every day! I mean, what’s better. If it was only December first already…

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