I remember it like it was…

a couple pictures from the day we got engaged, the day before Thanksgiving of 2010…
My love,
I can’t believe that was a year ago. Things are sooo different now, better different, and we thought we had it good then! We were still long distance, it seemed like we finally got the hang of relationship via phone, and then I moved home. You talked about our special date day for so long, but I just didn’t put the pieces together. I thought you would wait til I was done with school.

Our day was so special, our silly face photo shoots with your phone, meandering down every beach up the coast for one that wasn’t windy, and I just couldn’t understand why you were a little huffy-puffy about me wanted to go back to the car, hee. And finally walking around our favorite little cliff walk back in town, nobody around, the benches empty, the waves emptier, and we sat on a big rock {prophetic much}.

And then you talked about us, and I cried because you were sweet, and then you fell on the ground, but no…you were kneeling, and then I really cried. I couldn’t believe you took my mom to Sushi to ask her. I couldn’t believe you had planned this whole day for so long, and I didn’t even know. I couldn’t believe that I was wearing a ring on my finger, and it was gold not silver…how did you know that??

But you did it, and I said yes, and a little boy and an elderly couple cheered on the cliffs above. And I thought it was a movie—a movie that I’ll never ever forget.

I love you to the moon! and it grows each and every day.

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