Thanksgiving traditions

Yesterday, as I was having my eyebrow hair ripped out with hot wax, my aesthetician soothingly told me about her family’s Thanksgiving traditions, and I decided that we there are some traditions I am sooo adopting, thus I gathered stories from friends and work associates and I’m calling these the Thanksgiving traditions we should all adopt!
Karaoke I love this tradition. It was my wax-lady Erika’s! They get into teams and then the host gives them each team a song to sing. They will be competing via satellite with their cousins in Texas, but you could totally just record each team and play it after! I think this is awesome. Way to be Erika’s fam!
A month of thankfulness Ok, I made this one up (although I’m sure it’s probably been done) but I soo want to start this in our home! All you need are little cut out leaves, a big cut-out tree (some construction paper), and maybe a frame to tape it up to for added cuteness. What you do is write things you’re thankful for on the leaves and tape them onto the tree. You can do this on Thanksgiving day with the fam, or even one a day in your home, thus- a month of thankfulness!
Get up off that boot-ay Run out and play! Do something active with everybody after dinner…find a local park or walk by the beach, play frisbee or touch football. We did this a long, long time ago with my family, but I still remember how special it was!
Doning the Tday apron This is so cute! This family made aprons for the chefs in their clan, and they pull them out every year to use as they prepare their feast. Here are some cute ideas on how to sew one of these bab-ays…or buy one these!
Do you have any fun traditions??
Happy day-that’s-a-week before Thanksgiving!!
xoxo CM

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