how do i

Leann Rimes and I have a question…How do I live without you? But of course she is talking about love, and I? Well, I’m talking about my new favorite Gelato. We discovered Talenti on a Saturday evening with our dear friends, with hopes of satisfying a desperate sweet tooth. While anxiously searching the frozen aisles of Whole Foods, we happened upon a beautiful display of gelato and sorbet. It read Talenti but it whispered devour me. We were instantly hooked. 
Maybe it’s their natural ingredients, or their gourmet Belgian chocolate, their epic and majestic naming methods, or perhaps their homemade nut pastes, yes perhaps that’s it- nut paste glory. All I know, is that we bought six pints (yes, that was intended for four people), and we each polished off our own, and James and I nearly repolished the other two pints last night. Yup. Amazing. Please try it. Please try it now. Like, don’t just close this page after you finish reading and facebook for a little while. Seriously grab your purse, or wallet, or jacket, nevermind just grab some cold hard cash and go to Whole Foods. Go. NOW.
Our beautiful friends, they’re twins and we love them!
Devour hour. We’re flavor fraternal twins!
Happy friends, happy faces!
Hope you had a great weekend!
xoxo CM

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