why you gotta go and do that…


How do you make a picture of dirty ol’ tire look nice? I won’t bother with it cause my car tires (well, this one in particular) have never shown me any love. At all! This morning was no exception. I was busily working away at my desk smackin on some yogurt, when my coworker came and shared the entirely unsurprising news that my tire was flat. This is, oh what, about the fourth time this has happened this year! Can’t a girl catch a break?
Well, luckily, since we shape surfboards, we have all these crazy compressor machines in the back lot, so my tire was kindly filled up! But, as I should only expect from a mean faulty tire, it rudely drained out all it’s new happy air. That’s why you’re outta here. That’s right. You’re done, tire. I’m about to get you replaced and you will no longer get to inflict your cruel, unusual practices on my truck. Hasta la bye bye. No more mocking me through innocent bystanders who feel obligated to dramatically wave me down at large, popular intersections to let me know the tire’s low. No more walks of shames through the office and to the parking lot so the coworker who found my tire misfortune can help me inspect it and everybody can see how “badly” I treat you. No mas. No more. Never again.
Off to fix this mess. And- if you’re wondering, yes, I’m on a first name basis with the tire store.
xoxo, CM

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