The big TWO-FOUR

Thank you mama for yesterday, because yesterday is the anniversary of the day that you were basically wonder woman and introduced me to the world. So I raise a toast to my mama, cause yesterday was my birthday (I’m the big two-four, but sometimes act like the little two-plus-four…but only sometimes)!
I was greeted in the morning with a beautiful rose (the suave and saucy kind) and a sweet card (the cry kind) along with two whole wheat waffles…yum! A wonderful morning at church was to be had with a delicious surprise cake from the youth (you guysss…), i just love them…not to mention the balloon that was thereafter attached to my jacket.
After church we were off on a great adventure on highway one!
I took my red lips cause it’s was my birthday and I could…
James took his…silly lips…cause he could.


Our favorite berry farm in Davenport- the taste test section: where we always begin. Those jars were new when we got there…okay not really, but close!


The display. The drama of deliciousness is, at times, overwhelming and, at times, entirely conquerable.
My love with his happy strawberry cheesecake face.
The challenge.


Meet one blackberry cobbler and one, organic cauliflower soup a la yum.
The aftermath. Obvies, I won. And yes, this was all for me. Yum!


Then, we scurried back down to a little outdoor gallery in Santa Cruz. My favorite was the lamp store- look at these awesome pieces!…The lampbrellas took the cake for me with their sidewaysness and cute colors.
And then we went to our most favoritest restaurant Cafe Cruz, drool times a lot (I obviously drooled continuously throughout my day). I ordered the portabello mushroom polenta with grilled chicken. James ordered the skirt steak fettucine. It made our tummies, faces and hearts happy…see??
Thankful for another happy, full and wonderful year of life, oh happy day!
xoxo CM

4 thoughts on “The big TWO-FOUR

  1. Looks like a wonderful day to me! So glad you enjoyed it. I like to call it my birthday “week”, a day simply is not enough. 🙂 Happy bday again!


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