Ten reasons

I stole this idea from anthropologie’s latest email blast, but I thought it was too fun to pass up. My ten reasons (drumroll, por favor) to love November!
1. Birthday month, need I elaborate…?
2. Thanksgiving Day (meaning: FAMILY, mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing, pumpkin pie and pecan if I’m feeling courageous enough!)
3. The day after Thanksgiving shopping and outings. Doy.
4. This movie is coming out!!
5. Usually, it means the NBA season has started. Unfortunately for us, no go on this one. But, for sanity’s sake- this is on the list.
6. This is the month that the ICE RINK opens in SF
7, Because my gym membership just renewed AND I’m not paying for November’s gym bill (it’s on the house), WOOT!
8. This lady is coming to town
9. The anniversary of our engagement is the end of this lovely month!
10. This view almost every evening. And yes. I. mean. every. evening.

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