(Brace yourself, this is a long post!)
Change has not been something we have been unfamiliar with this last year. James has had a change in job, living space, relationship went from long distance, to in-town, to “til death do we part” which is one of those amazing changes, um and this probably doesn’t count but he also changed gyms, heh. I, too, got all shimmied around, from full-time college student to corporate M-F/9-5, from lifeguard/swim teacher to inside a building all day long (surprisingly so difficult!), from youth helper to youth pastor (iknowright.), from single to taken, from dependent to, well…not, and again, ha, i changed gyms.
I’ve noticed that in the midst of the biggest changes, I was soo vulnerable. Everything’s different! …From not being able to find my favorite comfy jammies to not having favorite snackies on hand, to waking up and trying to remember if I’m still at school, my mama’s or in our new apt before I even open my eyes!
Through all of this, YES, God has totally been the Rock (can I get a big Amen). He knows. He totally and wholly and completely and entirely (and insert all the other “whole” words here) has been THERE. Both of our constant peace in the midst of craziness and change. Craziness like…driving all of my possessions (cough-clothes-cough) from UCI to Santa Cruz in two flatbed trucks and having it start to rain thirty minutes from my mom’s place (crazy devastation moment…don’t worry- everything was salvaged!). Yup, like then.
Or like when the wedding invite company told me that they printed everything incorrectly and the replacements are on backorder (and we’re already way behind schedule)…ew I don’t even like to remember that crazy moment. And in the complete life-altering moments, like when I answered “I do” to one of the most important covenants in. my. life.
Now, settling into our life here in our cute sleepy beach town, in our little apartment, we are still learning  what it means to be hubs and wifey, while at the same time a family who serves God with everything and still knows the importance of growing closer together, also. So in many ways we are still gettin the hang of all of these changes, but we keep remembering that in the midst God is growing, stretching, and generously blessing us, and that these awkward charlie horses (you know, those cramps in your calves that you get as a kid and your mom tells you you’re growing so that’s why you get them, but then you get them as an adult and realize you don’t want to look any taller than you already do and please Lord don’t let me get any more monstrously tall in heels, those ones…) are totally so that we can live in God’s big fatty blessings! And because of all these things, we are thankful for those ch-ch-ch-changes. And David Bowie.

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