Family and baseball

A few highlights from celebrating birthdays with the family. They done good by James! Jerky, clothes, GNC, and baseball books. Like, seriously, dang. They know him oh so well already. Family, you guys are the best.
And, I am so. SO. proud to announce that I/we, yes- MOI/we?, was asked to bring a green salad. This is serious stuff people. We chose this one with fresh baby Arugula, red pears, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese and pistachios! And hm was it good! 
…But the topper had to be Mitchell’s pumpkin ice cream melting alongside Aunt Ella’s warm Kahlua chocolate bundt cake. YUM.

If you haven’t heard of Mitchell’s til now, you’re late to the party, but you’re fashionably late so check it out NOW!

James is so 90210 right here, I dig babe, I dig.

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