The Great Pumpkin

Saturday was our day full with pumpkin-patch scouring, lunchtime beach explorations and a good ol fashioned pumpkin carving contest. James and I love the youth that we get to work with and days like this just reminds us of the little family we’ve become. These are just a few shots of our day.
We were here, then here, and finally back to the church for a big bowl of turkey chili and Swiss chocolates (YUM). And I am so. so. so. happy to say that I used our crockpot for. the. first. time. ever. in my life and it was a hit!
I used a super simple recipe from here so it was pree-much as “surefire” as you could get, but for a 30-person dinner, first time jitters were abundant! For anybody who is respectfully afraid of their crockpot, use this recipe I tried and your fears will be replaced with an appropriately saucy confidence.

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