Family day

Yesterday we caught up with some of our family that lives over the hill (since you have to travel through forests and valleys and mini mountain ranges just to leave Santa Cruz county- heh, but seriously..) and they came to our little neck of the woods.
By catch up it means that we ate Tacos Morenos (I. drool. for. this.). Side note: if you are looking for a great taqueria in santa cruz area or are wanting to visit capitola. stop by tacos morenos (off of 41st avenue) and you can thank us later. my favorite are their corn quesadillas that they serve like a taco with all the fixins on top. so good! they also have incredible salsa that comes in the squirt bottles because that’s how bad you need it- in squirt bottles for easy access!
and side note number two: Polar Bear ice cream from Cafe Violet in the village (or capitola village that is). they have some of the best ice cream in the county with big waffle cones that are fresh and delicious. polar bear ice cream flavors can do no wrong. i’m serious people.

There was also lots of posing, and talking, and looking, and even a shark!


Yup. That’s a shark.
We love our little village
Thank you cousins for making the trek over the river and through the woods for us! And there wasn’t even a grandmother on the other side, you guys are amazing.

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