The Dinner Guest

Dinner parties. We’re still hitting our stride…

The evidence: A meal that consists of very disconnected side-dishes and tons of protein. IE: a delicious lemon-pepper chicken, accompanied by black beans, roasted potatoes, mushroom risotto, sausage, and a broccoli/carrot dish that came out 25 minutes late that I shamelessly gobbled up as everybody else was already full.

Then we ate ice cream.

There’s nothing wrong with this meal (it’s food people!) but I would love more “flavor harmony” that rolls together, say, like two cinnabuns doused in sugary frosting packed into a glass dish cause they’re tight like that!


All this to say that I’m going to start posting dinner party ideas. I have like a thousand more on my Pinterest and dog-eared through my cookbooks, but I thought I’d jot this one down first…
The Meal:
This pork made in crock pot in AM
Corn tortillas (I love TJ’s)
Roasted Salsa
Cilantro to taste
Blue-corn chips, roasted corn and some beans on the side
The Beverage:
Pellegrino & Cranberry juice
 Limes or Mint for the fancy people
The Dessert:
Strawberry-Rasperry Sundae
(like this one, sans the sugar)
The Game:
Mexican Train, of course!
Happy three-day weekend! xoxo, CM

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