And so we begin

A time-line to catch you up on the story of US…
See there’s this boy named James, and yes, he’s really handsome. So much in fact, that his sisters call him “handsome man”…that’s pretty stinkin handsome. He loves Jesus, baseball, people, and he’s Italian (amongst many other qualities not able to be listed at the moment). And let’s be clear- he’s not Jersey shore Italian, he’s more of the speak-with-your-hands-and-loves-Grandma’s-raviolis sort of Italian, capiche?
Sorry, but we all need a little model-pose. Exhibit A: James.

And there was this girl (cough-me-cough), Casey. She was just a small-town girl (living in a loooonely world…but not really) who loved Jesus also, her rocking friends, school (no but seriously), and so many more things.

Well, they basically became best friends and then there was a little of this…

Followed by a little (or maybe more than a little) of this

Then, ohmygoshkeepbreathing, some of this

And then, BA-BOOM, on May 14 2011 there was a whole lot of THIS

Cue: wedding march.
And now there’s a lot of this

And so much more to come…
xoxo, CM

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