In love

Our little Emma is here!—she arrived last Monday, just about an hour or so into her due date of 9/4/17 (aka Labor Day)! Ha. Ha. 

We are all in love and soaking in the baby scents and sweetness because gah, in my happy place! We just LOVE this newborn phase 😍 

Pregnancy favorites

I’m in the end of days! Well, hopefully. I’m 39 weeks as of yesterday so hoping she is ready to meet us now. Having one come early and one come so late really messes with your mind. My friend told me this morning her third was the latest, so WHO REALLY KNOWS but either way, put a fork in me I’m done! I thought I’d try and jot down some things I’ve loved having this time around.

Pregnancy clothes and brands and items seem to change SO FAST! Things I had with Luke (and Kate!) are already out of production and on to the next company, next trending brand, etc etc. And that’s only two to three years. My favorite maternity leggings changed materials on me (the comment section of that item was hilarious, people were triggered to say the least). So, while they’re here, these are my faves!

H&M Shoulder Bag– Since I will be carrying large bags of diapers around with me soon enough, I thought I’d enjoy some last days of simplicity and this simple side bag. I love it! It’s not real leather or fancy, but it’s simple and cute and holds just enough to remind me to get rid of my trash and unnecessary items!

Women’s Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneaker– thank heavens for these. They are one of the easiest shoes to wear, pull on, etc, and they make me feel way more put together than I ever do! Score.

Women’s Ingrid & Isabel Rib Knit Maternity Tank– I’ve worn these under everything! They pull in tight and keep my belly feeling supported.

Almond Shower Oil– this stuff is dreamy. It takes very little to lather up and it leaves me really moisturized! I’ve had super weird skin this pregnancy (oily, dry, irritated, etc.) so it’s nice to have something that is heading me in the right direction.

Cake Lingerie Rock Candy Nursing Bra– Comfy and soft but also holding all the extra that needs holding.. (so much extra which is nice til it drives you nuts, whyyyy).

Kate Spade New York Gold Dot Insulated Tumbler– I drink water constantly so these adult sippy bottles (as some people refer to them, boo! just kidding, they’re totally right.) are my favorite to have handy.

French-Terry Lounge Joggers for Women– Not even maternity but no need, so forgiving and cozy and for being a lounge pant, the tapered pant leg just makes a round pregnant body feel cute. Can I say comfy again? Comfy.

AE Huarache Flip Flop– These are so simple but so comfortable and held my feet just right, especially on days lately where they’ve seemed to expanddddd.

Natural Scrubbers Beechwood Loofah Brush– My skin has needed all the help it can get and my elbows especially! Also love a good scrub for circulation and just feeling all polished, definitely nice here at the end.

SABON Body Scrub Lavender Vanilla– This stuff is gold. It smells incredible, buffs sooo well and you emulate lavender and vanilla essences as you continue on with your day. The scent is incredibly relaxing!

Striped Maxi Dress– This just seems to highlight so nicely the fact that you are, indeed, pregnant (ESPECIALLY when you are just starting to show). Towards the end, there’s no need for clothing indicators but this dress has remained cozy so stretched out stripes it is!

The Honest Company Honest Organic Body Oil– Dry skin, I prefer body oil, I like this one. Lotions have felt like they’re clogging my pores so I’ve leaned towards moisturizing with oil instead.

Sibling love

IMG_2447.JPGThese pictures make me so happy. I love watching this brother-sister relationship unfold. Oh Luke and Kate. Sometimes they totally play together—sharing, hugs, cuddles, basically the sweetest moments that make you wonder how in the world there’s that much love inside their hearts for one another. Luke loves to hug Kate (we have to help him that he doesn’t yank on her head..) and Kate, well she is the queen of little gentle kisses.

Then. Other days.. Kate hits Luke (who initially laughs) and smacks him until he becomes super upset (not understanding why he’s not laughing anymore), he won’t share his tent with her, they angry grunt at each other during dinner, etc. I would say it’s more sweetness than it is strife, but growing up solo (no full siblings in the house, that is..) as I did, something that’s often on my mind is how to make room for those foundational moments of sibling love.

Their siblings are the first they will learn to love through thick and thin. Things we help them know at this time (I hope) will be signposts and bumpers for future friendships in life. And, most of all, I pray they will find incredibly deep friendship in one another, and hopefully not solely on how nuts mom or dad are 😉 Though, I’m sure that’ll be somewhere in the mix.

Either way, I savor these sweet moments of love (especially if I capture one!)..

Pregnancy update 38 weeks!


We’re in the home stretch!! I feel huge and can’t wait to meet her. Luke was late and Kate was early so we know it’s ANY day and that is sometimes the most excruciating part.. when?! Trying to enjoy time with the kids before life makes a major switch up on us. Luke is excited and asks every day if she’s coming today. Kate is more unaware and just knows the baby is in my tummy (and apparently hers too, ha). We did finally buy some diapers so there’s that. I even packed my hospital bag this morning, boom! I have a couple other things in my online shopping carts to get but haven’t but the bullet yet and verdicts still out on whether we want to buy a bigger car (yikesss), but meanwhile we are updating our car seats so we can fit three across. I hear fitting three across is a short lived pipe dream, so I guess more to come on that one..

The hormonal feelings are intense with this one. I am definitely trying not to evaluate too many larger life decisions in the midst of my current state! .. I have had many moments where it all sinks in—the last days with Luke and Kate as they are, at this age, with life like we’ve known it. I felt this so strongly with Kate’s coming too, and was so worried about my time with Luke and what that would look like once she came. It wasn’t like I thought (thankfully!) and once the fullness of life for all of us took over, I found that I didn’t “miss out” on anything with him like I’d worried about! Their relationship has added to one another and at the same time, made me appreciate my individual relationship with each one even more. I think I read somewhere that your heart just grows bigger, and I would say I experienced that. But meanwhile I’m still soaking them in 🙂

HOW FAR ALONG: 38 weeks

SIZE: A watermelon! Sounds about right. 

SLEEP: Varies. Lots of bathroom breaks, also a migraine here and there and then just the fact that I literally cannot get myself out of the bed and must roll out because of the beached whale status.

SYMPTOMS: Once it’s at this point, what isn’t a symptom?! I’ve got back pain, nausea from time to time, leg cramps, thigh cramps, hugeness up there, crazy pelvic pressure down there, swollen feet, contractions after days on my feet. 

FOOD CRAVINGS: Salads with celery, carrots, purple cabbage, tomatoes, seeds, blue cheese and rotisserie chicken all shredded up, dressed with olive oil and balsamic. And a big hunk of bread. To be exact 🙂

STRETCH MARKS: Yes but apparently my body was too used to stretching and only a couple have appeared.

MOVEMENT: All the time! The kind where she’ll kick me in the right spot and I will instantly have to pee. 

NAMES: Emma :)! We are still landing on her middle name but have sort of put it on the back burner til we meet her and see what we think!

CAN’T WAIT FOR: Sleeping on my tummy, not swelling, going in a hot tub!

First day of preschool!


We have a preschooler! A junior scholar to be exact. We are so excited for Luke’s new adventure .. he is totally ready for this!! But we also had no idea what big balls of emotion it would make us! Geez! And it’s only been one day HA.

We can’t wait to see how he grows through this. I have moments where I think that maybe we should just rethink all this social interaction and branching out stuff so I can harness all his amazing moments and memories for myself. But I know that who he is needs this and it will do him well. Sharing these little people who encapsulate a big part of our world is both hard and wonderful.. watching them grow through it, though, is the most amazing part. So go go go little man!


Oregon road trip!

Earlier this month, we spent time with friends in Central Oregon (Bend!). I was terrible at documenting this trip, which I blame on being 35/36 weeks pregnant at the time.. But it wasn’t for lack of being photogenic, Oregon is beautiful! And friendly! It’s about a nine hour drive from us with some really dramatic backdrops, from desert stretches to incredible views of Mount and Lake Shasta; there are some nothingness moments where we started to use our imaginations. We didn’t pull out any shows to watch on the way up and let Luke (Kate too) enjoy the views. We did on our way home, however, because we were feeling our limit of mindless questions 😉

Our friends were the BEST hosts and we loved every bit of what we got to see! Since our two families have kids similar in age, I’m pretty amazed/thankful we only had one Urgent care trip and one throw up moment (all things considered, yikes). It’s amazing how much there is to do for families in Bend—floating on the river, “chucking” rocks into the river as Luke so appropriately called it (no idea who introduced him to that, ha), so much nature, music, coffee, too many breweries to count(!), live music, museums, art and we barely tapped the surface (traveling with kids and pregnant people, cough me, will assist with that I suppose!). We fully intend on going back and seeing more!

A few places we loved!..
Companion Coffee
the High Desert Museum
Jackson’s Corner
Spoken Moto
Megaphone Coffee
Sunriver Resort (we saw an outdoor concert but it seems like there’s tons more to do!)
Deschutes River
Tumalo Creek (such a sweet spot to splash and chuck things!)
Sunriver Brewery
Sparrow Bakery (I think we had their bread, but also a very large ocean roll on the way home mm!)

A post injury smoothie break for the boys 🙂

At the High Desert Museum 🙂

And some silliness to survive the road trip with small people and pregnant people! We had fun 🙂

Pregnancy update 22 weeks

22 week bump
One of my only pictures with my bump at 22 weeks 🙂

I’m lucky if I can write anything down this time around so here goes nothin! Our little girl is growing and yes, we know that she’s a she now! We are excited to have another little sister for Luke and for Kate to become the big sis. She is little so she will most likely not remember life without her little sibling. That’s so wild for us since we didn’t grow up with siblings close in age. So we don’t know quite what to expect, but we’re excited for them!

Life has been a little tricky to figure out this time as I’ve continued to be pretty sick.. there is definitely a lot less opportunity to rest since our kids are in such a busy stage! Kate is just in between a year and a year and a half and Luke is freshly three. Some days are pitiful ha, but then there are days that are better. We just take it one moment at a time so I don’t get discouraged by all my nausea and barfing (😬).

HOW FAR ALONG: 22 weeks. Based on the ultrasounds I’ve had, we may be off by a few days.. not sure. Due Labor Day!

SIZE: A banana apparently, or ten inches long. Her limbs are apparently really long, which I have no idea if that means anything as of now.

SLEEP: The nighttime bathroom breaks are calming down a little so I’m able to sleep more.. it’s already hard to get comfortable, so lots of turning, twisting etc.

SYMPTOMS: I have been nauseous for (what feels like) the entire pregnancy.  Although, I think the first month I wasn’t (or I would’ve suspected sooner). There are good days and bad days but if something catches me wrong in the morning.. a smell or phlegm in my throat, I am going to fight it all day. I think I’ve passed the afternoon nap stage (until later..) but depending on the day, I’ll get super tired. Also some sciatica pain but it’s not unbearable. I sound extremely cranky ha.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Today?? Bagels. But I’ve been craving oranges and sometimes turkey sandwiches. Also ginger beer.

STRETCH MARKS: I got some towards the end with both pregnancies and think a few didn’t fully disappear between Kate and this pregnancy.. fun. Just gettin real here 🙂

MOVEMENT: A lot of movement but I’m usually moving so much that I only notice at night or when I’m lying down 🙂

NAMES: We’re not sure yet!! Starting to spend more time on this now that we know the gender (girl!).

And baby makes five!


A family of five, that is 🙂 Sooo here we go! Our third small person is on the way. I’ve actually found it a little hilarious to try and figure out unique ways to share each pregnancy. With Luke, we were very choosy and careful about how and when we shared, and unknowingly kinda secretive. I think we just didn’t know what to do in hindsight! With Kate, we were further along when we confirmed everything, so we felt like there wasn’t much to wait on. Continue reading

Five sweet Easter traditions with littles 

5 sweet easter traditions with littles.pngHolidays have taken on a whole new level having kids in the mix. I love seeing how the kids (okay well Luke so far, ha) interpret special occasions and it’s made us think a whole lot more about how we celebrate. Actually, it was still totally special before kids too, I probably was much more rested and possibly (certainly..) better dressed 😉 But as a child rearing, less rested and less well dressed person, this is our new world to explore. Continue reading

Bits and pieces

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Luke and I on a little date earlier this week 🙂


I used to do “bits and pieces” when I first started blogging (in 2011, where’s my cane?! okay okay that’s not THAT long ago now that I think about it..), but I miss doing that so here’s my 2017 take on it. I should add, I physically—almost painfully—cringe when I read some of my blog entries from back then, but then also laugh hysterically because well, that’s all you can do! Continue reading